TAMPA, FL-- My only problem with Labor Day is that some stores push sales that don't exist. Customers are inundated with these "60% off" sale signs, which only applies to some items, and in many cases these are items you wouldn't necessarily want to take home.

Thankfully, all week long, we'll be breaking down the best sales and I'll have style experts weighing in on the selections. Today you'll find the topfive furniture deals in the country.

A huge thank you to Ways 2 Save confidant Katie Camacho (a source of continued cheap joy in my life) and awesome newcomer Rachel Schultz for sorting through hundreds of deals overnight. Welcome!

If you're looking for more deals, I'll be sending those out after the show via Twitter. CLICK HERE

1) Retro AmeriHome bar stool + free shipping

Was: $99
Now: $49

**Extremely popular item.

2) $345 off Regatta 3-piece living room set by Coaster + free shipping

Was: $987
Now: $641.56

3) 82% off Strathwood Brook bench + free shipping

Was: $399.99
Now: $69.99

4) $100 off leather swivel chair + free store pickup

Was: $400
Now: $300

5) Parsons coffee table for $29 + free store pickup or $4.97 shipping

Was: $67
Now: $29


Top Miscellaneous Deal in the Country Today

62% off 7-piece Kai Pure Komachi knife set + free shipping

Was: $79.99
Now: $29.77

Coupon code: OFFERSCOM

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