ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- In the backyard of a house on 41st Ave. N, the weeds have grown knee-high, but any attempts to mow them have been cut short by a huge beehive.

When Rob Pierson of Res/Com Lawns decided to take on the challenge, he was met with a big shock and a little sting.

"I figured it was some honeybees," he said. "How bad can it be?"

Bad enough that, by the hundreds, they sent him running.

"When we came out to get his lawn cut, three passes [of the lawnmower] and the bees didn't like that very much and they swarmed," he said. "Once I came out of the tree line, I was completely covered."

He described clumps of bees stuck to his clothing, his forehead and sides swollen from the stings. He ran from the hive so quickly that he didn't even get to turn off his lawnmower. Pierson thought he would have to let it run until the fuel ran out, but he was able to retrieve it without running into bees two hours later.

"I could feel them just attacking and, once that happened, I just booked it. Even taking the ten seconds to turn [the mower] off, put it in neutral...I wasn't going to stand around for that," he said.

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