BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WWMT) - After CBS affiliated WWMT's exclusive look Thursday night at a Battle Creek soldier's disturbing military rite of passage, we're getting calls from lawmakers and military leaders alike.

Back in April, a fellow soldier recorded Phillip Roach's unauthorized promotion ceremony at Fort Bragg, just weeks after hazing related suicides at Fort Bragg led to Congressional hearings.

On Capitol Hill, military leaders promised to crack down on the practice.

The video stops short of showing seizures Roach's father says his son experienced as a result of the blow.

His father came to WWMT, concerned about the hazing and how the military responded to it.

Ken Roach said that as of Friday night, his son is being ordered to complete tasks not common to the rank of Sergeant, as a result of coming forward about the incident.

While U.S. legislators are calling for decisive action, the Army says it's done everything it plans to do.

A Lieutenant Colonel from Fort Bragg said that, "corrective action was promptly taken," and that the soldier was "punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice."

The Army says the Sergeant wielding the mallet in the video "received a significant punishment, that will always be in his record," but Roach strongly disagrees.

"Just the Article 15 and a $1,000 fine, and the letter of reprimand," Roach said. "Yeah, it will stay in his record, but it will probably get put behind somewhere and after a year he'll be promoted."

Phillip suffered bruising on his chest, staples in his head from the fall, and we learned from doctors that the blow may have caused a condition called commotio cortis, which can be fatal up to 65 percent of the time.

"If it had been an E5 or below, they would have been reduced down to E1 or even put in the stockade," Ken Roach said.

The Army says Sgt. First Class Carpenter gets to keep his E-7 status, but "he's been transferred to another base and is no longer directly responsible for soldiers."

Ken Roach toldWWMT he received two phone calls tonight--one from Brigadier General Charles Flynn, the Deputy Commanding General of the 82nd Airborne, and Col. Patrick J. Hynes, the Brigade Commander.

Roach says both men apologized and expressed regret for what his son experienced.

Col. Hynes promised to call in Sgt. Roach's entire command chain first thing in the morning, to make sure Phillip isn't being treated any differently as a result of reporting the incident, Roach said.

Hynes also gave his word he would make sure no one--not Sgt. Roach, nor any other soldier--gets singled out.

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