Odessa, Florida -- A man faces assault and battery charges against two family members after they say he went "crazy" over spoiled chicken.

A deputy was called to a home in the 15000 block of Azara Drive when Michael Gelovichbecame agitated that the chickenhis 74-year-old father brought over for dinner had gone bad.

That's when police say Gelovich punched his father in the face and began pushing him.Gelovich's sister then hit the suspect in the face with a Propel water bottle to try to stop him from attacking their father.

Afterhe was hit, Gelovich thenreportedly punched his sister in the face, tackled her to the ground and kicked her numerous times.

The arrest report states he then went into the kitchen, grabbed a potato peeler and threatened to kill her with it.

The fight eventually came to an end when Gelovich's cousin got in between him and his sister. Everyone then left the home, leaving Gelovich inside.

Based on witness accounts of what happened, Gelovich, 56, was arrested and charged with Battery on a Person over 65 and Domestic Aggravated Assault.

Gelovich's father suffered injuries to his face and a small cut by his ear. His sister suffered scrapes on her leg.