Arcadia, Florida -- An 18-year-old woman is believed to have drowned after she plummeted from a bridge into DeSoto County's Peace River over the weekend.

The teen has not been identified, but is said to be from Tampa. Witnesses told deputies that the victim was hesitant to jump, but her companions pushed her in. Her body has not been found.

Our sister stationWINK News reports Andrew Skevington, 28,was arrested and charged with accessory to manslaughter. Authorities are also looking for the victim's boyfriend, who they sayhelped Skevington push her off the bridge.

According to Skevington'sarrest report, after the victim was pushed in and started struggling, both he and the boyfriend jumped in to save her, but were unable to do so. They later gathered up her possessions and left the scene.

The woman floated downstream to the next bridge, where she was able to cling to a pylon before going under water for the final time.

On Monday, police boats and divers are continuing their search in the river to find the woman.

The boyfriend, who has not been identified, is described by witnesses as 5'6" with shoulder-length, blonde hair and a lower lip piercing.

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