Tampa, FL -- Traditional lint rollers are great for keeping your clothes lint and hair free but you have to replace them periodically and that can get pricey.

Try It Before You Buy It team member Orel put theSchticky to the test to see if it promises to do more for less.

The Schticky is a reusable silicone roller that claims to work on multiple surfaces and act as not only a lint roller, but vacuum or broom too. It comes with 3 pieces: a travel size, a handheld and one with an extendable handle.

Orel tried picking up cat hair on a couch, cereal on a rug and powdered sugar on a shirt. It worked great on the first two, but had difficulty with the sugar. To clean the roller, you run it under warm or hot water and use your hands to brush off the debris if necessary.

Orel was impressed with how well the Schticky picked up different types of debris, the ease of cleaning the roller and that it is reusable which saves her money in the long run. She givesit two thumbs up.

TheSchticky sells for around $19.99 andcan be found locally or online.

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