ARCADIA, Florida (WINK) -- Authorities have found the body of the victim who drowned in Morgan Park on Sunday. Her body was found at the boat ramp in Nocatee Tuesday morning.

The woman's identity is unknown, but she is believed to be from Tampa.

The victim drowned after falling from a bridge into the Peace River asher alleged boyfriend, 28-year-old Mark Allan Huntley Jr. and another man, 28-year-old Andrew Skevington watched. Witnesses told deputies that the woman was hesitant to jump, but her companions pushed her in.

Punta Gorda divers and a Sarasota chopper joined in the search for her body on Monday.

Huntley was found hitchhiking along Highway 70, trying to get back to Tampa. He was on probation on charges from Hillsborough County and will be charged with manslaughter and violation of probation.

Skevington was arrestedand charged with manslaughter.

According to the arrest report, after the victim was pushed in and started struggling, both men jumped in to save her, but could not. They later gathered up her possessions and left.

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