St. Petersburg, Florida -- It was a bizarre situation, to say the least. When thenews first came out, people wondered why a veteran Florida State Trooper would shoot a man in a local cemetery.

It happened early in the morning on Monday around 6 a.m. at the Royal Palm Cemetery in Pinellas County along Park Boulevard.

Trooper Daniel Cole is a 13-year veteran of the agency, and immediately there were many questions from the media as to why this happened and who was the victim.

But, FHP refused to give more than just a few basic details, and now10 News is realizing why troopers would not say much.

It turns out that their own colleague had alreadybeen scrutinizedthree times in the past. In fact, in one particular situation, Trooper Cole's actions went nationwide after he was seen on surveillance tasering a handcuffed woman who is now in a vegetative state.

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And, now he is being looked at yet again in a massive investigation.

So, why would Trooper Daniel Cole shoot the man who owned the cemetery? The trooper reportedly got a LoJack hit on a stolen motorcycle and followed it to the cemetery in the early morning hours.

But, whenthe troopergot there, the signal obviously wasn't that strong because the bike was dumped in nearby woods, and the trooper, instead,knocked on the door of a shed close by.

It turns out, the motorcycle did not have any link to the cemetery owner, and sources say, the bike was simply left in the woods after it was stolen.

Moments later, there was a shoot-out, and Trooper Cole fired his weapon at 48-year-old Clifford Work, who according to records, owns the Royal Palm Cemetery.

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He runs a business called Work and Sons. From all accounts, Cliff and his wife Keri are upstanding citizens of Hillsborough County, raising two children in New Tampa where they live in a 7,000 square foot home.

Sgt. Steve Gaskins told 10 News, "Officers do not like to be involved in shootings, they do not want totake that step."

Gaskins added, "It's a deadly force situation., He feared for his life and or death."

FHP is not answering many questions. Neither is FDLE.

Meanwhile, Cliff Work is recovering from his bullet wound at Bayfront Medical Center where we spoke with his wife Keri, who thanked us for calling, but said she couldn't talk about the shooting.

The question remains - Why would Trooper Cole shoot this well known businessman on the guy's own property?

10 News has also learned that this shooting could be caught on surveillance. On the shed, there is a sign indicating that video monitoring is in progress.

Also,there weretiny bullet holes seen on Work's truck and on the side of the shed. The bullet holes have the appearance that they could have been fired from a semi-automatic carbine rifle, a common police-issued weapon.

Pinellas Park Police say that Clifford Work was armed at the time. Trooper Cole maintains that he feared for his life. Cole lives in Pinellas Park and remains on administrative leave.

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