SEFFNER, Florida -- In 87 years, Phyllis Gallant has seen a lot. But nothing, she says, like she witnessed Wednesday.

"I appreciate it so much," Gallant said.

Dozens of volunteers helped give her Seffner home a much-needed makeover.

"She needed this so bad," said Gallant's daughter, Barbara Warren.

Gallant served in the Navy during World War II. Now she's a cancer survivor helping take care of her special needs grandson and daughter who recently suffered an aneurysm.

With little time to look after her home, she finally got some help.

"It's a big deal. Making people happy. It matters," said volunteer Jason Bovetz, who is currently serving in the U.S. Navy.

Volunteers will spend two days giving the home an entirely new look.

That includes painting the outside, new landscaping, repairing walkways, constructing a staircase, and installing wooden floors inside the home.

The work is thanks to Volunteers of America and the Home Depot Foundation.

A new partnership between the two means 20 Florida veterans will get similar treatment this year.

"I'm so overwhelmed by it. I had no idea they'd do so much," Gallant said.

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