Arcadia, Florida -- Detectives in DeSoto County have identified the Tampa woman who was pushed off a bridge in Arcadia earlier this week.

Using fingerprints, investigators identified the woman as 17-year-old Jerridedan Lakisha Bolds Froyer, known as Kiki to her friends.

It does not appear she was ever reported missing.

Detectives think she was picked up in Ybor City and then somehow made it to Arcadia, where she was pushed off of a bridge andinto the Peace River.

It happened Sunday afternoon in Morgan Park, off of Highway 70.

Witnesses tell investigatorsthey saw the teen fall and didn't believe she could swim. Two men who were reportedly with her at first tried to save her, but were unsuccessful.

By the time emergency crews arrived, investigators say those two men who were with Kiki took her belongings and left the scene.

Dive teams and a chopper from Sarasota County searched along the five-mile stretch of the river for hours. Her body wasn't found until Tuesday.

Detectives say both men involved, Andrew Skevington of Naples and 28-year-old Mark Huntley from Tampa have been arrested.

Huntley -- who is on probation --was picked up trying to hitch-hike back to Tampa according to deputies,but has since refused to cooperate with investigators.

The relationship between Kiki and these two men is unclear right now.

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