The eye of a camera captures a desperate attempt at escape from gunfire and explosions: A group of 20, heavily-armed attackers came in darkness, swiftly and savagely, taking aim on the U.S. Consulate.

Libyan nationals are seen clandestinely escorting Americans from the burning building in afive-hour attack.

Images show people sympathetic to American influence, carrying a dying U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens to a hospital, but it is futile.Four Americans die, and it brings the Secretary of State to the microphone to condemn the attacks.

Outside the consulate, some Libyans condemned America, saying U.S. presence in the country is the reason the bloodshed will continue.

But here in Tampa, local Libyans are denouncing the violence, imploring Americans to realize the terror group responsible for the attack is rogue, and not indicative of the Libyan people.

Mahmoud Kaheel is the director of Majid Omar Almokhtar, a Tampa mosque, and says this rogue group is really sympathetic to Muammar Gaddafi, and purposely trying to create division and chaos in a country moving toward revolution.

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