ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - We're getting our first look at a sample ballot for November's election. This year, 11 constitutional amendments will make voting a time consuming affair, with several of the amendments running multiple columns in length.

Watch as 10 News reporter Beau Zimmer runs through the ballot to see how long it would take.

Sample Ballot:2012 Presidential General Election Sample Ballot

The Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections offers several pieces of advice for those concerned about the length of the ballot.

  • Request a Mail Ballot. Vote in the comfort of your home and have more time to study the candidates and amendments before marking your ballot. To request a mail ballot visit or call (727) 464-VOTE (8683).
  • Attend a candidate forum. Check for a list of candidate forums. You can hear the candidates speak and ask questions during or after the forum.
  • Research the constitutional amendments. Find pros and cons on the Internet posted by various organizations.
  • Contact the political parties. The political parties may provide information about candidates and amendments.
  • Contact your legislative representatives. Your representative may provide information about the amendments.
  • Contact candidates directly. Many candidates have websites and other means of communicating their messages to voters.

For more information, visit your local supervisor of elections office.

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