Sarasota, Florida -- Four people have been charged with scheming to get cash from stores for purchases they never made.

Sarasota County deputies spotted the group as they arrived at the Cattleman Road Walmart and scattered throughout the parking lot collecting discarded food receipts bought with cash.

Mug Shot Gallery:4 defraud stores with discarded receipts

Brandie Horsley would take receipts to customer service and say she meant to use her EBT food stamp card. She would then ask the card be charged for the receipt amount and the cash refunded to her instead.

In all, sheriff's office says the group hit up 14 gas stations and grocery stores Tuesday alone. Most stores refused but at least three complied with the receipts.

Brandie Horsley, 29, Thomas Harrison, 45, David Walshaw, 36, and James Buck, 30, were charged with Scheme to Defraud.

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