Bradenton, Florida -- It wasn't until police woke a womandozing offat a red light that she realized she was drifting into the intersection. Instead of stopping, she took off, and led police on a chase until she crashed into a telephone pole.

The Manatee Sheriff's Office says deputies at the red light on 14th Street and Cortez Road saw Dede Clark's Chevy truck slowly drift into the intersection. Once she started impeding traffic heading east on Cortez Road, one of them pulled up behind her and turned on his lights.

As the second deputy pulled up alongside Clark's truck andturned on his siren,they noticed she looked like she was slumped over. Once the siren went on, Clarkstarted to head north on 14th Street, slowly gaining speed.

Deputies say speeds reached about 40 mph, during which time, Clark drove her truck over a median a couple of times, hit a tree and stopped brieflybefore speeding up again and crashing into a telephone pole at 36th Avenue and 14th Street West.

Clark, 56,suffered a scratch to her face.An evaluationdetermined she was impaired and she was arrested for DUI and Fleeing to Elude.

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