BROOKSVILLE, Florida - In Brooksville, kids have been taking classes at Jayne's Dance Academy for generations, and parents love every tap and tip-toe.

And that's why many parents like Tiffany Hoblit were happy to order photographs of their kids before the June recital, and they paid Alicia Kalee's Photography to capture those memories.

"Their hair's done, their makeup, everything. So they're all dressed up ready to go, they're getting their pictures," described Hoblit of the picture day.

But now it's been three months and parents still don't have any precious photos.

"I've tried to call. I've tried to talk with her on Facebook," said Hoblit.

Another parent, Jennifer Smoot, even sent a certified letter to the studio. And the only thing she and other parents have received is more photo frustration.

"She provided a service, I paid her for the service, and she hasn't come through with the product," said Smoot.

So, 10 News went looking for photographer Alicia Kalee Field. On Wednesday, her studio was locked, so we tried calling. The number just rang and rang. There wasn'teven an answering machine.

So then we went to the business address listed with the state and it turned out to be her father's roofing business. The photographer's father, Alan Field, did not want to speak on camera, but he did offer an explanation. Alan Field said his daughter, just 20 years old, was overwhelmed by the order and was also struggling with some personal issues. He promised parents they'd get all of their photos and he even showed 10 News some of the completed portraits.

To a point, parents are sympathetic, but until they have photos of their children in costume with some big smiles, the photographer's excuses seem like the same old song and dance.

Hoblit said, "I could care less about the money. I just want the pictures. Those are the memories."

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