Tampa, Florida-- Politifact's Katie Sanders sat down with Reggie in the studio thursday evening to fact-check Governor Rick Scott's advertisement about Florida education.

In the ad, Scott says Republican leaders of Florida put $1 billion more into Florida schools and classrooms, but Sanders says he initially cut $1.3 billion in his first term, and has since restored the $1 billion in his second term.

Scott also says in the commercial that he has listened to parents' complaints about the FCAT, Florida's method of standardized testing, and that parents can expect improvements to the testing system next year.

Sanders says the improvements have been in the works for several years, and that Scott's statement implies he deserves credit for the upcoming changes.

"Scott agrees with [the changes]," says Sanders, "but he is not directly responsible for them."

Politifact rated Scott's claims in the ad as "half true."

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