WinterHaven, Florida -- They make a difference in all of our lives year-round. Now Legoland Floridawants to help everyday heroes unwind.

The theme park is offering one-day Legoland tickets for just $30 and water park combo ticketsat $42 for police officers, fire fighters and EMS employees.It's part of "HERO Days"between now and the end of October. Both active and retired personnel are eligible.

Legoland Florida says tickets must be purchased and redeemed by October 31, 2012 and must be purchased through appropriate national professional organizations (National Association of Police Organizations-NAPO, International Union of Police Organizations-IUPO, United in Uniform-UU, National Fire Protection Association-NFPA, and National EMS Management Association-NEMSMA).

Ticket purchases will not be available at the front gate.

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