Tallahassee, Florida - Motorists are finally seeing some good news at the gas pumps after watching prices rise steadily over the past three months.

Gas prices have dropped seven cents in Florida in just the past week. Right now the average price is $3.73 a gallon.

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The AAA Auto Club Group reports it's the first significant drop in prices in 12 weeks.

Prices at the pump are heading lower because crude oil supplies are high in the U.S. and demand is way down.

Brenda Smith of AAA says August was a very unusual month because demand for gasoline dropped to its lowest level in 15 years. She says it's not clear where prices will head next.

"Hopefully this can continue for us as the holidays are just around the corner. But we're just going to have to proceed with caution because any one thing can trigger the increase in gasoline prices."

Smith says gas prices tend to drop after Labor Day, but there is still a lot of uncertainty in the Middle East that could cause volatility.

"AAA really doesn't know how long this is going to continue because what we do know is the gasoline prices that have risen this year, they're still higher than they were last year even though gasoline prices dropped off five cents a gallon."

Last year at this time, the average price at the pump was $3.46 a gallon.

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