Hello Joe Bucs Fan...

The Bucs' Tour de NFC East finally ends this Sunday, when the Redskins visit. They've been competitive with the Giants and the Cowboys, but something has always happened to keep them from winning.

For starters, the defense has to contain Robert Griffin the third. He looks a little like Cam Newton last year,but even Griffin admitted this week, that he has to avoid the hard hits he's been taking, so maybe that's a break for the Bucs...

They're also dealing with replacing Adrian Clayborn, and that leaves a big hole at defensive end; that's 3 starting linemen the Bucs have lost to injury since Greg Schiano arrived, and that really tests what little depth the Bucs have.

Schiano also talked about running better -- not necessarily more -- and using LeGarrette Blount more often... he's disappeared the first 3 games.

And we all hope Kneel-Gate goes away,but the best way to get that done, is make sure you're leading at the end of the game.So the decision to break up the victory formation, will be left to the other team's coach.

I'm Dave Wirth,and I'll see you at the game.

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