Mesquite, TX - Surveillance video captures the terrifying moments of a robbery at a fast-food restaurant.Now one of the robbery victims says she is out of a job.

Cathy was the general manager at the Carl's Junior on North Galloway in Mesquite, Texas. On Monday September 17th just after 6 a.m., this man slipped inside. 6' 2", 180 pounds, purple jacket, and a bandana around his face.He paces the store and watch in the right corner of your screen he shoves Cathy's loan employee to the cooler.And then he finds Cathy.

"I knew it was a real gun. I knew he wasn't kidding."

He orders her to open every register and empty every drawer and safe.She does.The video is crystal clear but silent.You cannot hear the words he used but Cathy cannot get them out of her head.

"He pointed the gun at me and said, 'Do you want to die for Carl's Jr.?' "

After she gave him every dollar in the store, he shoved her in the cooler and knocked her in the back of the head.

"He hit me like right back here. Like in the neck, shoulder part."

Then he ran.

Cathy's trauma didn't end when the robbery got away.

Her boss gave her two days off and then she says, he fired her. For what she was told were unrelated reasons.

"He was more concerned about getting that store open than if me and her were ok."

She stayed so composed then... but not now.

"What has gone on so bad in your life, that you have to traumatize mine?"

Carl's Junior did not respond to an e-mail request for comment by local media.

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