Carillon Park, Florida - Breathtaking. That's what a lot of people are saying about a new proposal for a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays.

For the first time we're getting a bird's-eye view of what it would look like.The plan is meantto wow the Rays and their fans.The new stadium wouldfeature a retractable dome roof. Planners say there's not a bad seat in the house.

Fans would be able topark inside the stadium and a hotel that features suites that look down on the field.

Rays fan Zolt -- who didn't want to share his last name-- lives in St. Petersburg. Henormally watches the games on TV but says if we get this new stadium he'll start going to the games.

He says, "It's got a lot of amenities and I'm thrilled about it actually."

It would be called,"The Rays Park atCarillon" and would be part of a sports and entertainment district.

Rays officials sat on the front row during aspecial session of St. Petersburg's City Council meeting Friday afternoon at the Hilton St.Petersburg Carillon Park.

One by onespeakers talked about the architecture, construction and amenities that went into the plan.The meeting room seated 300 people and though it was well attended it wasn't packed at 1:30 p.m.

Rays fanslike David Hoover sat in the audience listening. He came to the meeting early and waitedfor Cityscape to make its presentation. Developer Darryl LeClair addressed the audience saying the infrastructure is in place already -the water, electricity, roads and fiber optics.

For more details on the proposed stadium click here.

LeClair said the location which would be in the Carillon business park is alreadycentral to fans. Hiscompany released the results of traffic studiesthat they say show there's already 18,000parking spots available in the area and they'd like to build more.

They showed off artist sketches that showed that Rays fans would evenhave a tram to get them from their vehicles to the ball park.

But some Rays fans aren't sold. Hoover sayshe wantsthe Rays to stay at Tropicana Field. "I love the Rays and I wish they'd just play there."

Cityscape says the overall goal is tokeep the Tampa Bay Rays in the only hometown they've ever known, while giving the fans the ultimate experience.

The plan is justa proposal though and there are several different versions with different price tags. It's important to remember that there's a contract already in place that keep the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Fielduntil 2027.

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