Tampa, Florida - The circumstances surrounding the murders that took place in a house on Powhatten Avenue are so horrific they seem fictional; young gay men lured there from a nightclub, drugged, tortured and killed.

But it's long been a reality for the family and friends of the two known victims Michael Wachholtz and Jason Galehouse.

"A day hasn't day hasn't gone by, it hasn't left my mind and it's been a struggle," says Tyler, a friend of Galehouse who didn't want his last name used.

When Galehouse went missing in December of 2003, Tyler and others pushed Tampa police to investigate.

Eventually, investigators uncovered the house of horrors and two men, Scott Schweickert and Steven Lorenzo, were convicted in federal court for drugging the victims.

But the two men were never charged with murder and that has weighed on the mother of Galehouse. Reached by phone, Pam Williams says the passing years have been unbearable.

"Horrible-- no one can ever imagine what it's like to know that your son's been cut up into pieces and thrown in dumpsters. He was not garbage," she said.

However, this week some progress in the case brings relief. Hillsborough prosecutors are now charging Schweickert with murder for the deaths of Wachholtz and Galehouse.

"For me and for his friends and other family members, it's definitely a long time coming," said Tyler.

Even though Schweickert is serving a 40 year prison sentence, for the loved ones of the victims a murder trial will mean something.

"Absolutely, I want justice. I've wanted it for nine years!" said Williams.

No word from prosecutors when that trial might take place, but the family and friends of Galehouse say they won't miss a day.

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