St. Petersburg, Florida- We wanted to know what Rays fans thought of a proposed new stadium in St. Petersburg in the Carillon area right off the Pinellas side of the Howard Frankland Bridge.

Most fans we talked to seemed very excited about the design and location.

"This is magnificent. I was praying for them to get a new stadium and a place to bring it back home. I like the mirrors on top. It's wide open; it says Florida. It says sunshine state, let the sunshine in, just play great baseball," said Randall Lovell.

"It's amazing! I think it's something the Rays need maybe to get fans. I like the openness. It was open and then it is a throwback to an old ball park and it was really, really exciting looking instead of walking into the Trop you know," ravedGary Moss.

"The structure- it's gorgeous, I mean definitely go for it, please! I live in St. Pete and I would love to go there," Stacey Nowcki,another fan fo the new stadium said.

"I think it's lovely, the renditions are great, it looks fantastic and I would love to see that. I come here all the time. We need something more here. This would be perfect," Jonathan Chandler said.

10 News reporter Tammie Fields covered today's stadium proposal to the city. Take a look at her full report here.

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