St, Petersburg,Florida -- Investigators have arrested the second of four suspects wanted in the home invasion that left a father and widower dead.

Surveillance video from 41-year-old Richard Shaw's home showed his killers kicking in his front door.

Photo Gallery:Home invasion security camera pictures

As he reached for his own gun to defend himself and his adult son, police say Shaw was shot in the upper body. He died at the hospital.

Anothersuspect, 28-year-old Charles Stone, had alreadybeen arrested and charged with first degree murder.

Detectives have now arrested another of the four suspects, 23-year-old Justin Maurice Hart.

St. Petersburg police say Hart was released from prison in 2010 on charges of burglary assault and burglary. He's now charged with burglary and first degree murder.

For now, he's being held without bond.

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