St. Petersburg, FL-- Michael Scott Norris has a long history of armed burglary, but cops added murder to his rap sheet today.

Police say he shot and killed Bruce Johnson and Arthur Regula insidea Kenwood home and then set the house on fire, but this story doesn't start here.

Norris was staying at the Goodwill Largo work release facility, working off the last of his jailsentence that was due to end in December. He left Sunday morning to go to work, but never returned, and that's when he was reported as an escapee.

Fast forward to the Driftwood Motel on 34th street in St. Pete. Norris has a girlfriend who lives in room 107. And when he left the work release facility, he went to the motel, looking for his girlfriend- andher gun.

"He took the screen out of the back window and crawled through," said motel manager John Callahan.

Callahan says Norris climbed through this window and tookthe girlfriend'sgun. Residents say police stormed the motel just minutes later.

"I'm from the country, I'm not accustomed to seeing guns. I saw police storm the motel and I hoped they caught him," said one motel resident who watched as police searched for Norris.

But police say Norris had already left the motel and went to the house in Kenwood, burglarized the place, shot Johnson and Regula, set the house on fire, and stole an F-150 pick up belonging to one of the victims.

On Tuesday, cops arrested Norris for breaking into the motel room and stealing a gun, and today charged him with the murder of Johnson and Regula, as well as the arson of the home.

He is being held in the Pinellas County jail with no bond.

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