Tampa, Florida - A Tampa Bayschool is taking the fight against cancer to new heights. About 700 kids are flying kites for Kite Day, but it's not just about raising money, three of their fellow classmates are cancer survivors.

It may not be the perfect weather to fly a kite, but it's the perfect day for kids at theTrinity School for Children to show support for their friends.

"It's really fun and it feels really good to know that you can help them out," says Regan O'Leary, a student at Trinity.

Each student is flying a kite with the name and age of a child here in Tampa Bay who is battling cancer. The kite costs five dollars and the money goes towards helping the Children' Cancer Center and Trinity students, like 11-year-old Cassidy Gonzalez.

She just received some very good news.

"My cancer is gone," she says with a smile.

She's getting to celebrate on Kite Day by running and playing with her friends. Something she's missed over the past year.

"I couldn't do a lot of physical activity I could only walk and I really couldn't run that much. I'm looking forward to everybody having fun."

Last year on Kite Day, students raised $14,000. But they don't see this as a fundraiser to fight cancer, to them, it's just another day, playing with their friends.

"They don't look at it as an obstacle, they look at it as something that our community works together to overcome," says Amanda Matsumoto with Trinity School for Children.

Kite Day is the kickoff of a fundraiser that ends with a one mile walk. Learn more about how you can help, here:

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