SARASOTA, Florida - Some drivers involved in amassive car crash along I-75 South in Sarasota describe the experience as "scary" and "a war zone."

"I just saw a wall of stopped cars and I got on the brakes as soon as I could and I could do nothing to stop it. I just slammed into the back of the car in front of me and cars just started piling up behind me" said driver, Josh Hobbs.

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According to officials with the Florida Highway Patrol, 47 vehicles were damaged during the crash, in which rainy weather is believed to have played a role in. It happened at about 3 PM Friday afternoon, at mile marker 213. That's right near the Sarasota and Manatee County border.

Authorities said when one crash happened, it created a domino effect and caused the others.

"All you could hear was everybody slamming on brakes and just tires squealing and metal crunching all around you," said driver, Donna Kubaiko.

Traffic along that stretch of I-75 was backed up for miles and was being detoured onto SR 70. All lanes opened back up by 9:15 PM.

FHP said they are investigating at least 12 separate crashes and expect to issue a number of citations.

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