Tampa, FL--The State Ethics Commission is investigating a complaint lodged against State Representative Rich Glorioso who is running for Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections.

We got a hold of a letter from the ethics commission to Rich GloriosoFriday afternoon, and neither he nor his office were aware of it until we called.

Glorioso, a representative from Plant City was first elected to the house in 2004 and his term limited out.

As soon as we contacted Glorioso's office, he contacted us to find out what the complaint was about.

We told him the ethics commission sent hima confidential letter about allegations raised against him. The allegations are that Glorioso didn't fill out his financial disclosure form correctly.

The potential errors involve the ownership of a single engine piper airplane.

Although it says an elected official can list vehicles for personal as part of his household items, boats and presumably aircrafts have to be listed separately.

Glorioso says he assumed the airplane was a personal vehicle and had filled out the form like that for eight years.

Glorioso saysif he is in error, he will amend his form and file the airplane separately, adding henever intended to mislead anyone or hide anything.

To make matters more confusing, an attorney for the state ethics commission told us there may be a clarification to that rule in the next few weeks.

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