Tallahassee, Florida - Florida's public schools are moving toward the classroom of the future where students rely on iPads or laptops for their lessons as much as textbooks.

A new law requires schools to buy all of their new instructional materials in digital form starting in 2015.

But many schools still have a long way to go in that transition to a digital classroom.

Currently about half of the state's 3,400 schools don't have wireless Internet. More than 200 don't have any broadband Internet access.

So, the State Board of Education is asking state lawmakers to set aside more than $440 million for digital learning next year.

Most of that cash would be used to make sure schools have access to wireless and broadband Internet. About $50 million would go to purchase laptops or tablets.

Education Commissioner Pam Stewart wants to buy enough tablets or laptops to have one device for every two students.

"The idea is that it is not particular brand specific, but what the needs are within the district and it would be used as an instructional tool. So, it would be utilized to pull down content or to assist students in their learning."

State lawmakers also passed a law requiring high school students to take at least one online course before they graduate.

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