Tampa, Florida -- There are two ways Sandy could cause travel trouble for us in here Tampa Bay that you may not have thought of.

But first -- here's a look the delays and cancellations that are happening right now.

Use this link to search for the latest Tampa arrival and departure cancellations.

Choose the tab that says "Arrivals" or "Departures" and -- without choosing any other options -- click "Search Flights."

This comes straight from the database at Tampa International Airport.

As of9 a.m. Monday, TIA had53 departing flights and 55 arriving flights cancelled.

Many of them involve airports in Boston, Washington, or similar areas in the northeastern U.S.

But it's not only flights to places like New York or Baltimore that have been impacted. A flight to Houston has been called off, and so have flights from Nashville and Milwaukee coming into Tampa.

Why? It's one of the maybe unexpected ways Sandy could cause us travel troubles here in Tampa.

Airlines aren't just canceling flights -- they're moving planes.

Many jets have been flown out of the Northeast to stay safe. That means they're not available for their usual duties.

Think about it: If a plane that's supposed to fly from New York to Tampa on Sunday never makes the trip, it wouldn't be here in Tampa to take a new group of people from Tampa to Houston on Monday.

Untangling that bottleneck could take a few days after the storm has passed.

Expect a huge backlog of passengers.

One out of every six Americans lives in that strip from Washington, DC to Boston.

When this storm has passed, there will be thousands of people who are stranded just here in Tampa Bay, waiting to fly back to the Northeast.

So when flights start coming back online -- potentially late Tuesday or during the day Wednesday -- there will be a ton of people who airlines will try to book onto those first planes.

That means travel for the rest of us to the northeastern United States could be hard to come by for several days after Sandy passes through.

The majority of flights coming and going from Tampa are still on schedule, especially if they don't go to the Northeast.

But this is a perfect example of a time when you should check your flight status online or call your airline before you leave for the airport.

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