Orlando, Florida -- President Barack Obama canceled an appearance at an Orlando rally this morning to head back to Washington, D.C. to keep an eye on Hurricane Sandy.

Many in the crowd on the campus of the University of Central Florida were disappointed, but also understanding of the President's decision.

"I think what it does is proves that he should be President. It proves he's making the right decision, he's putting people ahead of politics and that's what we need in Washington," said Tim Lanier of Lakeland.

"I know (Obama) knows people would be disappointed but he did it anyways to show it's not a popularity thing it's the right thing," added a UCF student who only identified himself as Dieumer.

The event still went on with former President Bill Clinton as the featured speaker.

After taking the stage Clinton did his best to explain Obama's decision, telling the crowd Sandy was going to be worse than initially thought.

"Folks I was just supposed to be the warm-up man for President Obama today, but that storm on the east coast has other ideas. You can't imagine how powerful it is, well you can being from Florida you know about that stuff," Clinton said.

Because of Sandy, Obama and his challenger former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney have now canceled a number of events this week. The two candidates have also suspended fundraising emails sent to residents in several states that are expected to be impacted by the storm.

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