ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- On February 21, 2011, St. Petersburg police officer David Crawford answered a call about a suspicious person. Within minutes, he was shot to death.

Days later, a suspect emerged. A skinny, soft-spoken 16-year-old named Nicholas Lindsey.

Both his parents could not believe this had happened. They told10 NewsNicholas grew up in a tough area of south St. Pete, but he was a good kid who played sports and did good in school.

But then, in middle school, things changed.

His mom said he fell into the wrong crowd, with gangs, and she warned him early on. "When you join gangs, once you get in, you can't get out."

Nicholas Lindsey said he made bad choices, and now he is serving a life sentence with no chance for parole at Landcaster Correctional Institution.

Lindsey told 10 News anchor Reginald Roundtree, "I wish I could wind back time and correct myself. Accidents happen, and it was intended. It was paranoia and I was afraid."

Both Lindsey's parents say, "I'm very sorry this happened. I can't bring him back. I wish I could have told him not to do it. I pray every night for[Officer Crawford's]family and for God to heal their wounds."

But Lindsey insists the shooting wasn't remediated, but an act of fear.

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