TAMPA, FL - I've heard from a number of you who not only want to stock up on your storm suppliesfor the future but you have a family member or friend who's affected up north by Sandy.

Each item I've nailed down by viewer reuqest todayis something you can buy for yourself... or order online and have it shippedto someone who needs it more.

Craftsman 16'' electric chain saw + free store pickup

Was: $100
Now: $76

**Free shipping is also available

Homelite electric blower + free store pickup

Was: $79.97
Now: $39.97

And the best selection of hurricane relief deals I could find just dropped. You'll find everything from tarps to buckets and sump pumps. CLICK HERE

Free in-store pick-up is available on most items. I would NOT buy a generator, weather radio or emergency flashlight. I expect those deals to drop in the next 48 hours and I'll feature those right here on Ways 2 Save.

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