St. Peterburg, Florida - There are a lot of polls and predictions out there.

Nate Silver is analyzing state and national polls and posted his latest predictions just a few hours ago on his political blog 538.

Tuesday morninghe gives Barack Obama a 92% chance of winning the electoral vote. It's much closer in the popular vote with Obama having 50.9% and Mitt Romney at 48.2%.

Then he has the state-by-state probablilities most states arered and blue, but if you notice, North Carolina is pink, giving Romney a 72.5% chance of winning and Florida is light blue giving Obama a 53.1% chance of winning.

He also has state projections. He has Colorado "likely Obama" and Nebraska "likely Romney" yet Florida is "tossup."

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There's also the website, 270 to win. 270 of course the number of electoral votes needed to win the White House.

There are red and blue stateswhich are the decided states. The 11 beige states could go either way, Florida one of them with 29 electoral votes.

The Sunshinestate is very important, but political experts say you should also keep an eye on some others.

Michigan, which is undecided, experts say IF Romney takes that state, it could be a landslide for Romney. However, if Obama wins North Carolina experts say it could be a landslide for the President. Then there's Ohio. Experts say whoever wins that state is expected to have a real good shot at winning the presidency.

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