Ybor City, Florida -- For all the signs, advertisements, and robocalls we've seen this election, H20 Salon & Spa is somewhat of an election-free zone.

"Most of the people that have come in are done with it and happy to have it off their plate," says owner Corinne Golden.

There are no TVs to play political ads. Conversation about religion and politics is off the table. It's not because they don't care about politics, but because they sense a lot of clients are overwhelmed or feel bombarded.

"It seems people are generally tired of seeing the commercials," Golden says.

Over the months, many conversations have taken place in the salon's chairs about jobs, the economy, and political leanings.

Based on hearing from her clients, stylist Lisa Marlin, wearing her "I Voted" sticker, says, "I would say more people are for Obama."

Now, on Election Day, they just want to give people an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

"I'm just glad that we can take someone away from something that seems very stressful for them and they can just come in and relax and leave that behind them," Golden says.

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