TAMPA, Fla.- A crowd of students gathered to watch Tuesday night's election results let out a massive cheer when the election was finally called in favor of President Obama.

Many of the students, first time voters, say it was an exhilarating moment.

"It's honestly very exciting because this is my first time and it's a great experience," said freshman Alejandro Garcia.

"We're seeing who is going to be the next president," said Alejandro Garcia who watched the election numbers trickle in with a friend across the state on his iPad.

While some students chanted "four more years" Mitt Romney supports walked through the crowd carrying signs saying "If Obama wins, we all lose."

The University the a watch party outside the Marshall Student Center as national and international media gathered on the University's campus. The BBC broadcast its overnight radio program from USF alongside national television networks and crews from as far away as Egypt.

Students say what made the night even more exciting was just how close the race was in Florida. Many say they were especially excited to think their votes made a difference in the election.

"I mean this is our future," said an excited Razan Al-Nahhas. "The policies, the things that we're voting on, the amendments, these things affect us. They're going to affect our future."

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