Tampa, Florida -- Drivers are seeinga big change on Interstate 275 Thursday morning.

This impacts you if you drive on southbound I-275 through West Tampa and South Tampa. It'sthe area between Downtown Tampa and the West Shore Business District.

What you'll need to watch for is the Howard and Armenia Avenues exit. It has changed from an exit ramp on the right side of the highway, to one on the left side.

So, if you're going to exit at Howard and Armenia, stay to the left. You'll be pulling off of I-275 on the left.

The exit point for Himes Avenue is also changing, but it's just relocating further west -- closer to Himes. The Himes exit will stay on the right-hand side of I-275.

The long exit ramp that has been in place for this pair of exits for more than two years is no longer being used.

Why the changes? The Florida Department of Transportation needs to do a lot of road work in the area where the current ramp is.

So they're changing the traffic flow to make way forconstruction.

The change here will last for about 18 months, until the Summer of 2014.

Also, Interstate 275 in this area of West Tampa will have some short-term closures, but they will all happen between 10 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.

The big picture here is a major overhaul of Interstate-275 in this area. The highway's being expanded and improved.

It's a rebuild that will eventually leave us with six easy-flowing lanes of interstate highway through West Tampa.

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