South Tampa, Florida --So just who is Jill Kelley? In some social circles she's considered a generous socialite. In others... hardly known.

Kelley was born New Year's Day in 1975 as Jill Khawam. She, her twin sister Natalie, brother David and an older sisterall cameto the U.S. from Lebanon.

Her parents, who operated a restaurant, raised the family in a suburb of Philadelphia, and Jilleventually attended college at Allegheny University.

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"She was involved in raising money since she was little, for different fund raisers and different things," said her brother David.

Kelley's brother remembers his sister as always being involved in different groups and causes.

When Jill and her husband Scott Kelley, a well-respected physician, moved to Tampa a decade ago, she immersed herself in the social scene, he says. But she eventually settled on working with the high-ranking brassat CENTCOMat nearby MacDill Air Force base.

"Since she moved to Tampa, she was raising money for different politicians and so-forth since the coalition forces were based in Tampa," said David, "It was a natural step for her to help raise money and run fundraisers and so-forth."

The Kelleys have three daughters. And in addition toScott's medical career and a social life, records show they own a land-holding business which has been the focus of several court cases.

Jill's twin sister, Natalie, who also lives with them,is a local attorney. The family is well-known in social circles,and they're known tovisit top Tampa restaurantsfrequently.

But the scandal has turned that upside-down.

"The primary thing," says David, "is that she wants her privacy protected. And I think that she's probably going to come out at some point and make a statement."

So far though, Jill Kelley has hired Monica Lewinsky's former crisis manager Judy Smith and Former Senator John Edward's attorney Abbe Lowell to do the talking for her.

Kelley's name is alsonow linked to General John Allen, explicitemails sent between the two, and a scandal that her brother denies she's a part of.

"That's absolutely correct. There's nothing romantic," he said, "And if you know my sister, like I said, she is a dedicated mother, and a dedicated wife."

Jill Kelley was quoted in an article during Gasparilla several years back. Asked why she, unlike her neighbors, did not put a fence around her house to keep folks off the property, she told the Tampa Bay Times,"There's no need to barricade yourself."

That's something she may be feeling a bit differently about today.

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