Tampa, FL -- Another day and another bombshell in the David Petraeus sex scandal. This time the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General John Allen is under investigation.

The Pentagon says Allen was sending "potentially inappropriate" emails Tampa's Jill Kelley.

Kelley is the woman who triggered the original Petraeus investigation after saying she got threatening emails from the former CIA director's mistress, Paula Broadwell.

Reportedly, the FBI has uncovered 20 to 30-thousand emails sent between Allen and Kelley over a 2-year period.

"We obviously are going to watch this closely to determine just exactly when that took place. But I think right now my view is, let's see what the investigation turns up and what the Congress, these committees are able to determine as to what exactly took place," Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said.

It has also been uncovered that the FBI agent Kelley first turned to about the harassing emails from Broadwell later sent topless pictures of himself to Kelley. Eventually the agent was banned from the case.

Monday night the FBI also raided Broadwell's North Carolina home looking for any classified or sensitive documents.

A C-SPAN Bookenotes video from February has surfaced as well. In it the biographer and ex-mistress says the retired general has a "wonderful marriage."

"(Petraeus) has put duty to our country and service to the nation about his family, so I almost consider that a strength and a weakness, you know as a working mother and a wife, my husband works really hard, too, and it's hard to find balance, but he's pretty clear and Holly's pretty clear that she's supported him and yet they have this wonderful marriage and very established children," Broadwell is heard saying in the video.

Meantime, Kelley who was seen here leaving her house on Monday has avoided talking to the media. But Tuesday afternoon, a woman looking like Kelley spent considerable time eating and working at a table in plain view of the media. It's possible it could have been a decoy and Kelley could be out of town. But the woman clearly wanted to be seen as she was sitting in the only room in the house where the blinds were not closed.

Tampa Police has also released a series of 911 calls that have come from inside the Kelley home in recent days. The calls complain about people in the Kelley's Bayshore Boulevard property. During one of the calls Jill Kelley suggests she should get special treatment citing diplomatic protection.

"Thank you and you know um I don't know but by any chance because I'm an honorary council general so I have inviolability so I should... they should not be able to (cross) this property, I don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well," Kelley tells the dispatcher.

In other developments court documents have been uncovered that show both Petraeus and Allen wrote letters this year on behalf of Kelley's sister in an ongoing custody case.

Petraeus telling the court; "It is clear to me that (the child) would benefit from much more time with his Mother and from removal of the burdensome restrictions imposed on her when she does get to spend time with him."

Two days later on September 22nd Allen wrote; "Natalie clearly loves (her son) and cherishes each and every opportunity she has to spend time with him. She is a dedicated mother, whose only focus is to provide the necessary support, love and care for her son." He added; "I humbly request your reconsideration of the existing mandated custody settlement."

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