Tampa, Florida - The election may be over, but talk about how badly things went in Florida continues.

"Florida was the laughing stock of the nation again this year when it came to voting," said Rep. Darryl Rouson at a Wednesday morning news conference in Tampa.

Rouson was joined by former Governor Charlie Crist who echoed the call for election reforms. "This is about fundamental exercise of Democracy in our state and the people having the opportunity to exercise their right to vote," said Crist, who is widely thought to have his eyes on the 2014 Governor's race.

Both politicians blamed reduced early voting hours for many of Florida's Election Day problems, including the long lines in South Florida that had some voters waiting for hours and actually casting ballots after midnight.

"The good news here is that Floridians are persistent and tenacious and never gave up," said Crist.

And Rouson and Crist aren't the only ones talking election reform. Former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio has called for an investigation into voting problems. And just yesterday, a coalition of groups, including the League of Women Voters and the AARP called for a statewide taskforce.

Rouson has already filed a draft bill that would increase the number of days and location for early voting. The bill would also boost the number of polling places and he's looking for Republicans to join in.

"We're challenging all Floridians to stand behind this effort," said Rouson.

And with Governor Scott on Wednesday afternoon finally conceding that Florida needs to make improvements, a bipartisan effort may be more likely. Scott has directed Secretary of State Ken Detzner to meet with elections officials from around the state with an eye toward making improvements.

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