Tampa, Florida -- When Jill Kelley was sent anonymous emails containing details about the lives of her friends Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen, she reached out to another friend of hers.

She showed the threatening emails to an FBI agent based in Tampa. We have now learned he is Fred Humphries, a University of Tampa graduate.

Humphries has had an eventful career in the FBI, spanning at least 15 years.

- Two years ago, he was at the gate of MacDill Air Force Base on unrelated business. He shot a man who investigators say lunged at him with a knife. Authorities found that shooting was justified.

- Before that, Humphries testified in a trial of Youssef Megahed. Megahed was a USF student accused of transporting terrorist weapons.

- And in 1999, it was Humphries' investigative skills that stopped a plot to blow up Los Angeles International Airport.The Seattle Times reports that was Humphries' first major case.

10 News went to Humphries' home in the eastern Hillsborough County community of Dover. No one came to the door when we knocked.

TheNew York Times reports that when Kelley showed Humphries those anonymous emails, he was worried about a national security risk -- with someone knowing too many details about two generals.

He reported the emails to his agency, the FBI.

Humphries was not involved in the investigation that followed that uncovered Paula Broadwell as the emails' source andrevealed the affair between Broadwell and Petraeus.

The FBI's investigation also uncovered reportedly suggestive emails between Jill Kelley and Gen. Allen.

The New York Times reports that Agent Humphries did send a shirtless photo to Jill Kelley.

The report says it happened years ago as part of a running joke between their families. Humphries was standing shirtless next to a pair of target range dummies, and there was no sexual innuendo to the picture.

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