If you told Steve Chamberland wrestling isn't a sport and that it's theatrics, he'd probably tell you your argument doesn't have a leg to stand on. He should know, considering every time he steps into the ring he stands on just one leg, the other is a prosthetic. A horrific motor cycle accident not only changed his life by taking his leg, but it changed Chamberland's life work.

"I've never had this why me, or woe is me, I've turned this whole thing around and created something so positive," said Chamberland.

Chamberland was against the ropes and was unable to find an insurance company that would support his decision to continue wrestling. Out of that he started 50 legs .org, a foundation providing a way for young athletes who are in need of a prosthetic to live out their dreams.

"I know what it's like to not have insurance then I got to meet different people that insurance didn't cover for an active foot so they can go play sports like the girl that I got Zoe Gibbs," said Chamberland.

Volleyball had been 16 year-old Zoe's passion, but she lost her left leg after Jet Ski accident. Zoe thought she'd never play volleyball again, until one day a tattooed angel appeared in a Facebook message.

"He truly is a gift from god," said Susan Gibbs.

Zoe's mother Susan reached out to Steve, and within a year, Zoe was back on the court sporting a thirty thousand dollar athletic leg.

"He was amazing, I wouldn't be so successful with volleyball or have the athletic leg I do now without him," said Zoe Gibbs.

"I've helped out a lot of kids so far and it's just growing," said Chamberland. "No pun intended but now I finally got a leg to stand on to help these kids out."

Donations drive the foundation and having one experienced man in your corner doesn't hurt either, 50Legs.org has one of the best, none other than WWE hall of fame corner man "The Mouth of the South" manager Jimmy Hart.

"It's not just the big events we do, were like the blue light special, were doing car washes and were at bars selling t-shirts and taking donations up," said Hart.

"To be a part of something so big, you get to see these kids walk for the first time, or just be active, it's the best feeling in the world it's phenomenal."

The 50 legs foundation gives these children more than just a means of mobility; they're providing them with a new outlook on life.

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