Gulfport, Florida -- On the day before Thanksgiving, Ed Brumer talks to firefighters while his wife Michelle walks through the charred remains of their home. Stunned by the total loss, the Gulfport couple didn't feel like talking.

But even kids in the neighborhood, who play with the Brumer's two grandchildren, can understand the impact.

"I think they feel really sad that their grandparents' house burned down and that they can't play with us anymore," said 9-year-old Jackson Shook.

An overnight fire destroyed the wood-frame house. It started in the garage, but investigators haven't determined a cause yet. The fire was so hot that it cracked windows and melted the shades on the house next door.

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"It was just glowing orange and our vinyl blinds were already melted and we looked out to see a wall of fire," said next-door neighbor Patricia Allen.

According to the Gulfport fire chief, there were no smoke detectors in the house. Fortunately, Michelle Brumer woke up to the sound of crackling and managed to get everyone out safely -- her husband, grown son, and the grandkids -- a boy and a girl. The family's cats and dog also escaped.

That was certainly a blessing - still to lose everything else.

"It is very devastating," said Chief James Marenkovic. "These people have lost an entire home and have no place to even eat Thanksgiving."

And that's where the American Red Cross comes in. The agency is providing emergency food, clothes, and shelter for the family.

Residents of the town are also organizing to help. There are no firm plans yet, but businesswoman Gina Burke expects in coming days, there will be some kind of effort aimed at getting this family back on its feet.

"We want people to live here, work here, and be a family here and if this is one small way we can help them get back to normality-- we want to do it," said Burke.

When 10 News learns of firm plans to help the family, you'll be able to find the information here on our website.

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