Bradenton, Florida -When Hendrik Lamprecht opened The Prep Academytwo years ago, his previous school, Bradenton Preparatory Academy, was foreclosed on. The IRS was investigating, suppliers said he owed them money and several teachers, a coach and parents are suing for money they are owed.

It appears the same scenario is repeating itself with the school's former staff and Lamprecht's landlord. The Prep Academy's principal and a teacher have reportedly resigned, saying sayingthey haven't been paid in months. Lamprecht's landlord John Rekkus says Lamprecht owes him money too.

"After all I did for him, I feel betrayed, cheated," says John Rekkus. Heis suing his tenant, Hendrik Lamprecht, forsix months unpaid rent: $57,000 worth.

Rekkus says, "I want a tenant that pays the first of the month."

But Rekkus says since Lamprecht leased his building to open a school two years ago, Lamprecht has always had money issues. Rekkus says his first check for a $20,000 down payment bounced the first time he deposited it. The check had been post dated, and it cleared during a second deposit.

"From day one, I had problems with his money. He confused me so much... confused, confused, confused. He never paid me the whole thing," says Rekkus. He adds,"He blamed somebody all the time."

Rekkus says when Lamprecht complained he needed help last year, Rekkus forgave about four months rent -- close to $40,000. "I opened my heart, I helped him," he says.

10 News has been covering Lamprecht since 2010 when financial troubles began for his previous school, Bradenton Preparatory Academy. When 10 News photojournalist Tim Burquest showed up for our first scheduled interview, Lamprecht tookswings at him, hitting him in the head twice.

When Lamprecht tried opening The Prep Academy that year, he faced building code violations. Lamprecht wouldn't answer our questions then either.

Does Rekkus regret renting to Lamprecht? "Yeah, sure," he says.

Rekkus' attorney Peter Mackeysays he will not negotiate with Lamprecht until he pays Rekkus the six months rent he owes. If not, an eviction hearing will be set for January.

We tried reaching Lamprecht and his attorney, Ed Vogler, but they were not available for comment.

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