St. Petersburg, Florida -- Thanksgiving is when we give ourselves permission to indulge a little more at the dinner table. But it can be a difficult time for people who have dietary restrictions. There are many people who cannot enjoythe sweet desserts because they can't handle the sugar and other additives.

The good news is youdon't have to put your health at risk to enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie.

Alex Gumm is a busy wife and mother of four young daughters who has managed to make mouthwatering desserts that won't send you into sugar shock.

Her motherhas Type 1 diabetes so Alexa learned how to cook some traditional treats that are delicious andactually good for you.

Alexa was kind enough to join us on The Morning Show and share some of her favorite treats with us. The snickerdoodles are fabulous and are high in protein and fiber.

Full disclosure here, Alexa is married to my co-anchor Joe Gumm.

Click on the video below to see the segment and get some great ideas for your family gathering.


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egg/grain/dairy free


2 cups almond flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
4 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)
1/4cup honey
1 tablespoon vanilla

In a medium sized bowl, combine dry ingredients; mix together well.In a separate bowl, mix together the oil, honey and vanilla.Add the liquid ingredients to the almond flour mixture and mix till combined.

Using a small cookie scoop, scoop out the dough, then gently form into a ball. Roll in the cinnamon.Place the balls of cookie dough on a lightly greased cookie sheet, about 3 inches apart.(I use coconut spray oil.)

Slightly flatten each cookie with heel of your hand.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for 8-9 minutes. Leave cookies on the cookie sheet while cooling. They may seem under-baked at first, but they will firm up to just the right texture as they cool.

To help prevent burning on the bottom of the cookies you can double up on your cookie sheets.

Double Dark Chocolate Cake

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(grain free)

2 cups dark chocolate chips
1 cup coconut milk
4 eggs
2 1/2 cups almond flour
1 teaspoon celtic sea salt
1 teaspoon baking soda

*An extra 2 cups of dark chocolate chips- 1 c. in the batter and 1 c. sprinkled over the top

  1. Melt dark chocolate chips and coconut milk in a small saucepan over very low heat
  2. When chocolate is completely melted, remove saucepan from heat
  3. Stir eggs into saucepan containing chocolate/coconut milk mixture
  4. Next, stir in almond flour, salt and baking soda
  5. Fold in ½ cup of the dark chocolate chips
  6. Grease an 9x13 inch glass dish with coconut oil
  7. Pour batter into baking dish, then sprinkle remaining dark chocolate chips over batter
  8. Bake at 350° for 20-25 minutes
  9. Cool and serve
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