Tampa, FL-- Did you eat a little too much at the Thanksgiving dinner today?

Well, some people managed to get in a workout before the big "pig-out"!

A few gyms, like the South Tampa YMCA, were open for special hours today- giving people a chance to work off the calories they were sure to consume later in the day.

And the Y saw quite a busy morning in their cardio deck, weight room, and even in group classes.

These folks were giving thanks for the extra workout time.

"You gotta get your workout in 'cause you're going to be eating a lot later. And it's great that the Y's open for a few hours. I didn't expect that." said Adam Yalowich, a member staying up on his fitness. "It's a beautiful day. I got a little run in outside and doing some biking now."

Kelly McFadden felt the same as Yalowich.

"I wanna be able to eat and drink with no consequences, no fear, no guilt."

And of course, there's nothing quite like lifting a few barbells- that is, if you're lifting a turkey leg to your mouth later on in the day!

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