Tampa, Florida- The Thanksgiving Holiday shopping weekend is starting earlier this year. While shoppers may like it some Walmart employees don't. Across the country some Walmart workers have planned 1,000 non-violent protests.

Walmart shoppers in Pasco County start shopping for the good deals before serving up Thanksgiving dinner. One customer is trying to avoid the crowds, and any unhappy Walmart employees.

Aurelio Gutierrez is shopping early. He says, "In case tomorrow it gets crazy with the strike and all, I don't know what to expect."

Across the country, Walmart workers have been protesting at Walmart's earlier hours this Thanksgiving holiday- two hours earlier starting at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving day.

"Customers gave us feedback they want to start earlier. They like to shop, go home, go to bed," says Bill Wertz, a Walmart spokesperson.

Employees say the problems run deeper. They're asking for higher wages- $13 an hour minimum, more full time work, less expensive health care. Insurance premiums are reportedly rising up to 36% with Walmart contributing less.

Wertz says, "We offer competitive salaries, health insurance, 401k, employee discounts and opportunities for advancement."

Walmart workers plan to strike and protest on Black Friday to have their voices heard. Shoppers understand their concerns and their responsibilities.

Liz Andrews says, "I don't think what they are asking for is unreasonable, but there's a better way to do it."

"They have jobs, they're lucky they have jobs; a lot of us don't," says Rob Greene.

Some shoppers say if you're in retail, you should expect to work during the holidays- the busiest time of the year.

Last week, Walmart filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge to stop Walmart workers from protesting. A ruling hasn't come down yet, and may not be issued in time to stop tomorrow's protests.

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