Tampa, Florida -- They are hungry and weary eyed and yet, many Black Friday shoppers are not heading home defeated.

"The sales are definitely worth it, it's keeping our energy levels up," said Ashley Williams who pulled a Black Friday all nighter with her best friend Valerie Deering.

They started their bargain hunting at Kohl's at midnight.

The girls are not alone.

"I've been up for 24 hours," said Cindy Kates who made the rounds at Target, Walmart, Comp USA and Westshore Plaza.

Themarathon shoppersamong an estimated 147 million people taking advantage of Black Friday bargains across the country according to the National Retail Federation.

Shoppers are spending big bucks too, expected to shell out $11 billion on the shopping holiday.

While some stores like Toys R Us, Target and Old Navy opened Thanksgiving night, other retailers opted for 6am like JC Penney.

The department store was a last stop on the schedule for some shoppers who made the rounds as the stores opened throughout the night and morning.

Still, getting in place early does not guarantee you'll get that deal you were hoping for.

Dherny Leraqu learned that lesson the hard way.

"I just wanted that toaster and someone got the last one, right out when I was walking to get it, so someone in front of me took it. I want it," she laughed.

She ended up leaving with a handful of pillows instead.

"They are only $7," she said.

Leraqu may have been out of luck, but Dagmar Wanser managed to snag an $8 coffee maker during her early morning shopping trip to work.

"There was actually none left and somebody put it back on the shelf and I was just lucky to be standing there and take it," said Wanser.

By noontime, parking spots were still hard to find at area malls.

So shoppers daring to brave the crowds today don't just need to pack their dollars, they need to pack their patience.

"There are some great deals out there. You need to get out and go shopping," said Deering.

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