BRANDON, Fla. - A Seffner man claims he and many others are victims of false advertising, because of a flat screen TV that Target had on sale for their Black Friday deals.

Daniel Jones said he saw a 32" 1080p TV for $147 advertised in a Target sales ad. He said he waited in line for about two hours outside the Target along SR 60 in Brandon Thursday night, and when he got inside, was given a 720p TV. That is a lower visual quality TV. According to Jones, the store manager said the ad was a typo and there was nothing they could do about it. After he complained to customer service, he said he was given 15% off the lower video quality TV.

But he said the store did nothing for the other shoppers after him who also were not given what was advertised.

"That to me is completely wrong. That is not how a business should conduct business. You should try to help every customer, especially when it's your fault that something happened. And it just didn't happen that way," said Jones.

He claims customers were even told the store ran out of the TVs when they never had them to begin with. From what Jones knows, he was the only one to get a discount or any compensation.

And while he did keep the TV with the lower quality picture, Jones said he's still not satisfied with the whole situation and will not step foot in a Target again.

We tried to talk to the store manager about the situation, and were referred to Target's corporate PR office. We called several times Friday and no one ever returned our calls.

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