New Port Richey, FL-- A police chase of a getawaytruck ended with the arrest of four suspects Thursday near New Port Richey.

It started when police say, one of the suspects, 24-year-oldAlvin Wright, broke into the home of Thomas and Penny Lotitoalong the 5800 block of High Street.

According to reports, Wright was armed with a semi-automatic handgun, which he used to pistol whip both Thomas and Penny as he demanded cash and other valuables.

Wright then fled from their home and jumped into an awaiting Ford pick-up driven by 23-year-old Lacy Dimick. Reports say LisaMarie Kane, also 23, and George Bullock, 42, were in the getawaytruck as well.

New Port Richey Police arrived on scene and spotted the suspect's pick-up within minutes. The truck fled when the officer attempted to make a stop, causing a police chase to ensue.

Pasco County deputies and Port Richey police officers were called in to assist when the chase continued, and spanned into their jurisdictions.

It was a residential neighborhood nearEmbassy Blvd. and Hermitage St.where Wright bailed from the truck with his gun.

Police chased him on foot through backyards until he reportedly threwthe loaded handgun down and surrendered.

Though Wright surrendered, Dimick reportedly continued to flee in the truck- dumping Kane and Bullock in an adjoining neighborhood.

Reports say Dimick ditched the truck shortly after, and they all fled in various directions.

Officials found Dimick in a shopping center restaurant near Ridge Rd. and Congress St., andKane and Bullock near San Migual Dr. and Prosperity Ln.

According to reports, the 9mm semi-automatic handgun used to harm the Lotitos was listed as stolen out of Pasco County.

Officials say both Thomas and Penny received minor contusions and abrasions from the attack.

In addition to arresting the suspects, officials say they seized the truck and multiple narcotic pills.

All four suspects have been taken to the Land O' Lakes Jail and will face various charges ranging from armed robbery and grand theft of a firearm to drug trafficking and fleeing from officials.

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